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Now you can download and 3D print the tools you need,
when you need them and as many times as you want
for the rest of your life!!

Are you looking for something to print on your 3D printer?

Our 32 piece 3d printable tool set is great for

Our latest test prints
3d printed carbon fiber nylon test prints These are some of our test prints
which were printed using CF25 carbon fiber nylon filament

Our current products

current products - 3d printed hardware tool set including Adjustable Wrench, Pliers, Pipe Wrench, Channel Locks, Standard and Metric Wrench sets

3D Printable Tool Set

~STL Set Includes~

When new tools are added to the set the price increases
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(aka 3DPHW.com)
offers 3d printable hardware tools
in the electronic form of STL files
that work with 3d printers.